How to Buy

This is what happens when you purchase a product from us.
After making a purchase from our store, send us the Order ID with your name to our representatives using the WhatsApp chat on our website. Or you can directly reach us on our email with the details.

As we receive your order details, our representative will get back to you within 24 hours on your email ID or your WhatsApp number whichever is convenient for you and will be more than happy to help you in choosing images based on the product you've bought.



Once the images has been finalized, our representative will forward them to our artists. Who will use their magic spells to turn those images into a beautiful portrait that you'll love.


Once your portrait is finished and approved by you, we will print your portrait on the purchased product which will be customized just for you.


    Our representative will be in constant touch with you and will update you with the process, until the product has been dispatched from our studio.We will notify you personally and you'll receive an email once the order has been shipped.


    Note: Sending us your order details is a crucial step of the process. In case you miss sending the details. Our representative will email you using the email ID provided when purchasing the product to remind you to send the details. If emails fails to go through or if we don't receive a reply, we'll refund the amount after 5 working days.

    Happy Buying!!